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Typically, when someone is looking for a new commercial cleaning or janitorial service one of three issues is driving the decision: communication, reliability, or consistency.

All too often a cleaning company will do whatever they have to in order to win an account, but as soon as the ink is dry on the contract, they start to falter in the performance of their duties.

But not us. We perform regular audits on all of our accounts to ensure that you are getting the quality that you pay for without any worry about consistency or reliability. We even send those reports to our clients so that you are in the loop every step of the way and we can address any concerns before they become problems.

If you’re tired of searching for a new commercial cleaning company, give our team a call and see what it looks like working with the ONLY cleaning company in Ohio that pays you if it doesn’t work out.

Leadership team

Jacob W. Bailey


Jacob is the CEO of Cleaning Unlimited Commercial Services. He is a former member of the international diplomatic corps who decided that the world of entrepreneurship sounded fun. He previously founded the residential and commercial cleaning company, Summit Maids, in Cleveland, Ohio and led that company to an incredible year over year growth rate, but is more proud of the culture and team that he built there.

Jerel Alcazar


Jerel comes from the retail and customer service industry where she previously managed physical locations, operations, sales, and marketing. Jerel started with our team as an Operations Assistant and has worked her way up in the organization to the Commercial Operations Manager in addition to handling the company’s payroll.

Loren Flores


Loren comes to us from the hospitality industry where she worked with many of the largest names in travel and tourism. She currently runs our residential team, overseeing everything from scheduling and customer service, to hiring and brand management.

Brittany Dobbs


If things are working well in your facility, it’s probably because of Brittany. She handles everything from inventory purchasing to on-site audits and ensures that our cleaning teams are running smoothly 24/7.

Zai Royeras


Zai has worked with some of the biggest names in finance and has a mastery of all thing financial analysis, business management, and accounting. Her skills in private banking and financial analysis support the expansion and organization of Cleaning Unlimited as we grow.

Valerie Stimac


Valerie has spent the last 10 years becoming a master of SEO, content marketing, and marketing strategy. She has previously led the growth efforts of venture-funded travel companies, worked underneath one of the most well-known investors in Silicon Valley, and built a very successful business of her own.

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